Stormwater Utility

The Augusta Engineering Department is responsible for building and maintaining a stormwater system that covers 329 square miles and includes 731 miles of ditches, 568 miles of storm drains, over 12,600 catch basins, and nearly 1,000 flood detention ponds.

This stormwater system must safely collect, treat, and convey runoff from the design storm event from every part of the county including the greatly increased runoff from developed properties. Runoff from homes, subdivisions, and businesses flows from smaller ditches and pipes into gradually larger infrastructure that flow under and along Augusta’s roadways and into local streams.

The public stormwater system benefits everyone who lives or works in Augusta. We all benefit from safe roads, upstream stormwater systems that protect us from flooding, water quality treatment that protects stream integrity according to the intended use, and routine maintenance that helps keep Augusta the “Garden City”.

In partnership with Augusta University’s Communications Department, Augusta Engineering Department’s Stormwater Utility Services Program provides the following videos to enhance Public Education of the Stormwater Program and the importance of protecting our most important natural asset and source of our drinking water, the Savannah River, from stormwater pollution.  

Augusta thanks Dr. David Bulla and Dr. Debra Van Tuyll for their continued partnership and Taylor Buettner, Kelsey Leblanc, Jacob White, and Jacob Boland for their efforts on the videos.