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Highland Avenue Water Treatment Plant

Highland Avenue WTP

Max Hicks Water Treatement Plant

Max Hicks WTP

J.B. Messerly Water Pollution Control Plant

Messerly WPCP
Water Treatment Plant

Water Treatment Plants

The Augusta Utilities Department currently provides water and sewer to a service area of 230 square miles and a population of over 160,000. Our distribution system consists of approximately 1,200 miles of water mains.

Treatment of surface water occurs at the Highland Avenue surface water treatment plant (filter plant). The Filtration Plant with a design capacity of 60 MGD, provides the majority of the water supply. Average daily plant flows are approximately 24 MGD.

Raw water for this plant is withdrawn from the Savannah River. The Raw Water Pumping Station, located off Riverwatch Parkway, utilizes the water from the Augusta Canal to hydro-mechanically power the pumps which pump the water from the Savannah River to the Highland Avenue filter plant. This station has been in operation since the late 1800s.

Two ground water plants, Plants No. 1 and No. 2, have design capacities of approximately 10 MGD each. Ten wells provide raw water to Plant No. 2 and 14 wells provide raw water to Plant No. 1. There are a total of 28 ground water wells in operation. All wells withdraw water from the same aquifer. Average daily flows from ground water is approximately 15 MG.

The Highland Avenue Filtration Plant is a conventional surface water treatment plant. Raw water is collected from the Savannah River via the canal and stored in two reservoirs located adjacent to the plant. Raw water is treated with lime, fluoride, chlorine, and/or corrosion control chemicals to ensure the water is safe for drinking.