SPLOST 7 Proposed Projects

The sections below describe all of the projects that have been approved for inclusion on the SPLOST 7 referendum on November 3, 2015.

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Note: There are NO funds allocated to Non-Governmental Agencies as part of SPLOST 7

SPLOST 7 Proposed Project Summary

Approved 8-18-2015
Public Safety
Quality of Life
General Government
Infrastructure and Facilities
Other Governments  
Non-Governmental Agencies
Total SPLOST 7

Projects Listed by Category

The tabs below represent each category of the proposed SPLOST 7 project list. Click on the tab that you want to see in order to view a complete list of the projects that have been requested in that specific category.
  1. Public Safety
  2. Quality of Life
  3. General Government
  4. Infrastructure and Facilities
  5. Blythe & Hephzibah

Public Safety Total: $45,500,000

Public Safety Updates

Renovations - 911 Center $500,000
911 Center Renovation with consideration of physical security and survivability.

Emergency Vehicles $6,000,000
Replacement of emergency response vehicles such as aerial trucks and fire pumpers that are beginning to inflate maintenance costs due to the mileage and wear associated with increased call volume in fire and emergency medical responses. Purchase of Mobile Emergency Operations Center (MEOC). A MEOC is a quick response emergency management, communications, and scene support vehicle. The MEOC allows Emergency Management to support first responders with an incident command post on natural or man-made emergencies and special events where electricity is not readily available.

Construction of three new fire stations $7,500,000
Construction of three new fire stations.

Construction of Training Center / EOC $1,000,000
Funding for the Fire Training Center and Emergency Operations Center (EOC) intended to provide command-and-control during a major incident/emergency.

Fire Station Alerting System Upgrade $1,100,000
Upgrade of the current FSA4000 Alerting System currently being used by the Augusta Fire Department to the Mach Alert Fire Station Alerting System. The upgrade will include integrated voice and data, the addition of incident display boards at each fire station, and integration with CAD.

Public Safety Vehicles $9,000,000
This project will upgrade current Public Safety resources (vehicles and Equipment) necessary to provide the level of service necessary to provide for the publics safety.

P25 Radio System $15,000,000
Augusta's current radio system utilizes technology that is over eighteen (18) years old. In addition to aging technology and infrastructure the system is also not owned by Augusta. Each subscriber pays a monthly fee for system use. Our existing radio system accesses a server located in Columbia, South Carolina, which supports approximately 22,000 subscribers from other Law Enforcement agencies throughout South Carolina. Due to Augusta's growth in size and our increasing need to utilize leading edge technology, purchasing our own system is the best path forward. By purchasing our own system and not paying monthly access fees Augusta can make decisions and implement technology based on what is best for the City of Augusta and our radio users.

Marshal's Operation Center (MOC) $1,000,000
The MOC will provide a centralized monitoring center for county facilities - video, access control, and premise alarms. This centralized approach to asset protection will be more efficient and cost effective, providing 24/7 monitoring of county facilities. Phase 1 is currently in the final stages of installation.

Mobile Data Terminal (MDT) Replacement $900,000
Several Offices and Departments use Mobile Data Terminals (MDTs) to perform essential law enforcement functions. In some cases these devices are over seven (7) years old. In order to remain compliant with state, Georgia Criminal Information Center (GCIC), and federal, National Crime Information Center (NCIC), guidelines, Augusta must replace these devices. Specifically, guidelines related to security must be followed. In order to remain compliant, Augusta must remain on an operating system new enough to receive security related updates and patches. In addition to security compliance, these devices are past end of life and difficult to support. They are no longer manufactured and repairs are difficult, when possible.

Training Range Enhancements $2,200,000
Richmond County Sheriff's Office (RCSO) needs to enhance its training facility to keep pace with the advancements in law enforcement training needs. The current facility was built in the 1980s; therefore, updating will allow the training unit growth and the ability to enhance the level of training officers in the agency receive. Recently RCSO partnered with the Augusta Technical College Law Enforcement program and RCSO offers regional training to surrounding police organizations.

Special Operations Precinct $1,300,000
Special Operations Precinct, the renovation of three buildings to relocate the Narcotics Unit, Gang Unit, Crime Suppression Team and Housing Units.