SPLOST for Infrastructure

"Infrastructure" is a broad term that encompasses the physical components of a community that make modern life and society possible. Typically, infrastructure refers to roads, bridges, water delivery systems, sewer systems, storm water systems, and electrical grids, but has been expanded in recent years to include telecommunications and even green spaces.

Augusta, like most cities, has an infrastructure with various features that range in age, capability, and condition. Maintenance of existing infrastructure and the creation of new infrastructure to sustain the population and support the growth of the community is a challenge. All phases of SPLOST, since its inception, have been utilized to provide Augusta with a funding source to manage the city's complex and wide-ranging infrastructure.
The list below features several significant infrastructure projects that have been funded through SPLOST.  The list below is a sampling of projects - it is not an all-inclusive list of the hundreds of infrastructure-related SPLOST projects that have taken place.
To see Projects that are part of the November 3, 2015 SPLOST referendum, click here!

SPLOST Infrastructure Projects

A list of notable projects in which SPLOST funds were used to satisfy infrastructure needs
Project SPLOST Phase Funding
Turpin Hill Rdwy I $1,020,879
Doug Barnard Pkwy I $1,874,524
Windsor Spring Road, Section I I $2,780,104
Windsor Spring Road, Section II I $1,707,396
Tobacco Road, Phase II I $1,511,764
Wheeler Rd Widening II $974,556
Barton Chapel Rd, Phase II II $2,769,553
Tobacco Rd II $2,736,545
Jackson Road widening II $2,318,812
Rae's Creek Channel Improvement II $1,756,878
Alexander Drive III $6,648,810
Warren Road III $2,647,298
Skinner Mill Road Extension III $1,519,459
Morgan Road III $4,955,408
Windsor Spring Road III $4,546,595
East Boundary Improvements IV $6,318,568
Paving Various Dirt Roads IV $3,392,355
St. Sebastian Way / Greene St / 15th Street IV $14,051,417
Windsor Spring Road Section IV IV $850,639
Washington Road Intersection IV $1,328,853
East Augusta Street and Drainage Improvements (In Progress) V $1,615,138
Augusta Canal Improvements V $2,500,000
D'Antignac Street Flood Avoidance V $4,835,482
Marks Church Road Improvement (In Progress) V $1,337,645
Grading and Drainage Improvements VI $3,366,739

Hyde Park Street and Drainage Improvements (In Progress)

VI $2,073,143
Hyde Park (Martin Luther King Drive) (In Progress) VI $1,131,484
15th Street Pedestrian Improvements (In Progress) VI $367,954
Resurfacing (In Progress) VI $1,162,914