2014-2015: What's New on the Web Site?

Going Mobile

The city completely redesigned the web site in late 2013, going live with the new look and feel on December 16, 2013. The site has not remained static since that time, and there have been multiple modifications to accommodate a very important issue - Mobility.

Trends indicate that more citizens are using mobile devices in order to view our site. "Text-Heavy" pages are being phased out and more graphic-intensive pages are becoming the standard. The following pages are demonstrative of this shift:

Board of Elections
Emergency Management Agency Home Page
Information Technology Home Page
Probate Court

Procurement Department Home Page

These are the first pages that have moved to the new format. Others, including Information Technology, Utilities, and Planning & Development, are already in the process of planning their own move.

Front Page News Clues

Beginning in 2014, the city began using icons (which we will call "News Clues") to provide visual cues to citizens about the news flashes that are placed on our web page. Each news flash has a theme based on the content or the department releasing the information (such as Recreation, Information, Sheriff, Utilities, Alerts, etc.) and an icon has been chosen to represent the type of news flash. If a citizen is interested in news related to a particular topic, they can tell at a glance if the news flash is related to Animals, Recreation, or Voting.

Citizens also have the ability to register to receive certain news flashes via email or text, so that they can customize the information that they are receiving. A snapshot of the news flashes on the front page is shown below.