MRAD Integration

Vendor systems and/or solutions that use addresses or road names must incorporate the components of Augusta’s MRAD to maintain consistency and accuracy across the agency. The systems must use a web service or other real-time means of establishing an interface with MRAD. The interface will be the means of validating and updating all road names and/or addresses.


Any system and/or solution that requires data entry of addresses and/or road names must query the MRAD. The end user should either be allowed to select the correct address/road name or the field would auto-populate with data from the services. If a particular value is not found upon querying the service, the software/solution must have the ability to offer an administrative override function. Any road name and/or address that is given an administrative override must be reported to IT-GIS for further assessment. These reports should either be generated weekly or monthly and reference the associated record.

The diagram to the right describes the validation process.

System Updates

Vendor systems must accommodate an additional text field that would be used for Augusta’s unique identifiers (SITEADDID and/or CENTERLINEID). If a record is properly validated through the MRAD, the system/solution must also associate the unique identifier in the additional field. Because addresses and road names are subject to change, the unique identifier will serve as the link between MRAD and any integrated systems. Vendor systems/solutions should update all addresses and road names daily to ensure the most update information is available for the end user. Each component of the MRAD has a field that tracks the last edit date.

The diagram to the right describes the System Update process.