Forms Management System

Project Description

Project Need

The Forms Management System (FMS) is a technology initiative that Information Technology will be implementing in the autumn of 2015. FMS is a system that will permit Augusta to manage the creation and workflow process for electronic forms. This ambitious project has the ultimate goal of eliminating all the paper forms and workflow processes in the government. Currently, Augusta uses a mix of paper and electronic forms, and the electronic forms are a mixture of MS Word documents, Adobe Forms Central forms, Google forms, and other forms that are integrated into our website content management system. FMS is expected to replace almost every form within the government with the exception of those that - by law - require an actual signature or are generated by other agencies over which Augusta has no control (such as the Federal Government), even though parts of those process could be automated in FMS as well. The end of the FMS process for each form will be its integration into the document repository supported by Laserfiche. A major advantage of this new process is automated workflow, which will send each form to its intended recipient and will give administrators information about where process breakdowns and/or bottlenecks are occurring within the organization.


This project, including hardware, software licensing, and services, will cost approximately $180,000.

Project Delivery


The forms that are intended for the first phase of this project (ready to use at GO LIVE) are as follows:

  1. Blank Mileage Voucher Template
  2. Budget Transfer Request (BTR) Form
  3. Cellular Phone Request Form
  4. Employee of the Month Form
  5. Fleet Accident Report Form
  6. Incident Report Form
  7. Grievance Form
  8. Notice of Letter of Warning
  9. Notice of Disciplinary Action Form
  10. Request for Admin Review or Appeal
  11. New Vendor Information Form
  12. Out of County Travel Notification
  13. Request for Personnel Action
  14. Sole Source Justification Form
  15. Solicitation Form Checklist
  16. Travel Advance Request Form
  17. Travel Expense Settlement Report
  18. Vendor VPN Access Request Form
  19. VPN Access Request Form
  20. IT Security Request Form

Project Status

This project has been approved by the Augusta Commission and planning for the implementation is in progress.