The CityWorks dashboard is a tool that is used by executives and managers within AUD to review the work that is being generated, processed, and completed by the department.

The power of the dashboard for executives is that the categories of work being performed and the demands being placed on employees can be evaluated so that resources can be allocated to better meet the challenges being posed by infrastructure and customers. The information is available in an easy-to-read chart that enables quick access to the data without requiring a lengthy tabular report or a conversation with a subordinate. The dashboard gives AUD executives at-a-glance access to important information that is needed to manage the department.

The dashboards included below are internal to Augusta's network, so they are not included on the overall public-facing city dashboard. The long-term intent in regard to CityWorks is to push it city-wide, and at that time various categories of work will be made available via the city's Performance Dashboard located here.