Web Site Metrics

Augusta IT uses site metrics in order to determine what features and pages are most popular with our customers. The images shown below have been derived from the analysis site used by our Content Management System Provider (CivicPlus). For each image, we explain what the information tells us.

The information below compares all of 2014 to part of 2015 (January - July). This information will be updated in January 2016 to incorporate all of 2015.
Device Type:
The device type informs us what general type of device our customer are using. This information provides us with insight into how future development should be managed so that we don't funnel development efforts into dying technologies.

Browser Type:

Like device type, the browser lets us know how we should target our development efforts. It is imperative to have applications that work regardless of the browser due to the diversity of the operating environment in which we operate. The table below shows that Chrome is rising as a higher percentage of our desktop use, and if you include Chrome mobile, it actually has more visits than Internet Explorer.

Social Networks:

Social networks have become the media through which most people gain access to information, and Augusta manages content through multiple social media outlets (Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest, plus LinkedIn in the Human Resources Department).Facebook is still the dominant social media method used by our customers. Click the link to see more about our Social Media presence.

Site Search Keywords:

These are the key words that customers look for on our site, and for the most part these remain unchanged from 2014 to 2015. The hot topics are divorce, inmate inquiry (one of our more popular applications), case management, jobs, and business licenses.

Top 10 Page Visits:
This statistic gives us insight into the pages that our customers are visiting the most. The stats show that Human Resources, our department list, online maps, and bill payments are all popular options.

Visits By Local Time:
These graphs illustrate when we have the most traffic on our site. Between 2014 and 2015 (partial) there were no significant changes here. Most of our customers are on the site during normal local business hours.