Project Description

Project Need

The Augusta Utilities Department (AUD) has been using Asset Management software since 1999. The primary function of this software, which is known as a Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS), is managing work requests, work orders, and utilities assets. Multiple upgrades to the software have taken place, but these changes have yielded no significant updates to the user interface, and the changes in software capability have not benefited AUD in regard to efficiency improvements. In 2012, AUD began to explore alternative software offerings, specifically in order to improve the ability of personnel in the field to have better access to work order and asset management information. Additionally, AUD wants to improve workflow and streamline business processes within the department so that efficiency gains can be seen across the entire organization.

System Selection

AUD sought out a vendor for a new CMMS through an RFQ process managed by the Procurement Department. Six statements of qualification were received from interested vendors. The selection committee reviewed the proposals as well as vendor demonstrations and eventually recommended Woolpert as the implementer for CityWorks AMS (Asset Management System), created by Azteca Software. Cityworks is a capable, GIS-centric software that has the potential to vastly improve AUD’s productivity and efficiency. Woolpert’s role will be implementer of the software, and a key part of their participation will be exploring AUD’s business processes, recommending changes, and customizing the software as needed. Due to its nature as a very GIS-centric software program, the benefits that AUD derives from the software could eventually be realized elsewhere, especially in 311, Planning & Development, Engineering, and Recreation, Parks, and Facilities.

System Implementation and Use

Woolpert supervised an orderly and systematic implementation of the software. The various divisions within AUD met with Woolpert staff so that business processes could be dissected and then re-imagined using the new software platform. The end result is that AUD has streamlined processes in order to cut out unnecessary steps, and a number of new personnel have become involved in day-to-day work who had not managed work orders before.