Telephone Town Hall

Mayor Hardie Davis, Jr. hosted his first Telephone Town Hall Meeting on July 21, 2015 with nearly 2,000 Augustans participating. Mayor Davis gave a brief update about the work he is doing as Mayor of the City and informed residents about what to expect in the days ahead.

During the call, Mayor Davis took questions about stormwater management, downtown development, the Rocky Creek area and Regency Mall, transit and many other issues raised by Augustans. The technology made it possible for Mayor Davis to ask residents opinion questions and 99% of call participants agreed that they liked the Telephone Town Hall as a way to talk with Mayor Davis (see the charts below for other miscellaneous statistics about the Telephone Town Hall.

Citizens can dial 311 or call the Mayor's Office at 706-821-1831 in order to get assistance with local government issues. 311 can also be contacted by mobile app. Get more details by clicking here. Additionally, a customer request can be placed with 311 by using the 311 web site.

Call Statistics and Questions

The tables and charts below describe the participation of the attendees to the telephone town hall, including the number of total attendees, how they were reached, how long they stayed on the call, and a sampling of some of the questions that were asked.

An important statistic: As was mentioned above, 99% of the attendees felt that chatting with Mayor Davis via the Telephone Town Hall was something that they liked, which potentially opens an important door for future communications with citizens.

It is also telling that 300+ participants stayed with the call for a nearly one hour duration, which also bodes well for using this tool to gather information in the future.