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The Augusta Planning and Development Department (APDD) invites the public to participate in the review and comment on the DRAFT Participation Plan (PP) Update for the Augusta Regional Transportation Study (ARTS). The plan outlines the process to engage all interested parties in planning the regional transportation network and the development of major transportation studies undertaken as part of ARTS. The ARTS planning area covers the cities and towns in Richmond and Columbia Counties, GA. and Aiken and Edgefield Counties, SC. The public is invited to review and comment on Amendments to the 2040 Long Range Transportation Plan (LRTP) and FY 2017 – 2022 Transportation Improvement Plan (TIP).  The LRTP and TIP include federally-funded transportation projects, such as road, bridge, public transit, bicycle and pedestrian improvements scheduled to be implemented over the next four (4) years. The ARTS planning area covers the cities and towns in Richmond and Columbia Counties, GA. and Aiken and Edgefield Counties, SC. Persons with special needs related to handicapped accessibility or foreign language may contact the Planning and Development Department for assistance. For more information on ARTS please visit:; or contact ARTS at email address:

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How is Public Involvement Conducted?

Public involvement is a process that incorporates the aspirations, concerns, needs and opinions of the public during all stages of the transportation planning process. Public input is used to advance equity in long range planning, define goals, develop measuring tools, identify and rank issues and ultimately decide the selection, prioritization or programming of transportation projects. Effective public involvement is vital to carrying out a transportation planning process that is comprehensive, cooperative, and continuous. Public involvement is the community’s voice in the transportation decision-making process leading to successful planning, enhancing livability, and meeting mobility needs in the ARTS region.

What is the Augusta Regional Transportation Study?

  • The Augusta Regional Transportation Study, known as ARTS, is the regional Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) serving the Augusta-Richmond, GA and Aiken, SC Metropolitan Area
  • The City of Augusta GA through the Augusta Planning and Development Department (APDD) in partnership with Aiken County Planning and Development Department and Lower Savannah Council of Governments function as the MPO.
  • ARTS is a federally designated bi-state MPO engaged in regional transportation planning and the distribution federal transportation dollars affecting travel and traffic related issues.
  • A key function of ARTS and a federal requirement is initiating, growing and sustaining public outreach, education and involvement in the transportation planning process.

Why is Public Involvement Necessary?

Feedback from the community is an integral part of the public involvement process. Without feedback representative of the diverse community that ARTS serves, transportation plans will not be reflective of community values or mobility needs. Public involvement helps create an environment of trust and credibility for ARTS as a public agency. Public input is encouraged, considered and utilized in developing plans, programs and projects. In fact, ARTS committees give explicit consideration to public input before the adoption of any transportation plan, project or program.

What Does Public Involvement Achieve?

Public involvement achieves the following objectives:

  • Informs communities, including underserved population groups, of transportation projects and programs
  • Brings people together through face-to-face meetings or online to share their aspirations, needs, concerns and opinions about transportation projects that may impact their lives
  • Enables ARTS to better understand the communities it serves and how they view transportation plans and programs as well as utilize the transportation system.

What is the ARTS Public Participation Plan?

ARTS’s public participation plan is the public involvement handbook that describes the methods and procedures used to engage, educate, inform and reach the public throughout the transportation planning process. The plan also presents outreach tools and strategies that nurture shared communication between ARTS and the communities it serves.

Does Your Input Count?

Yes! ARTS is committed to serving the community. ARTS can only do this if you share your aspirations, needs, concerns and opinions on how you think transportation should be developed in the ARTS region. Without your input a mutually beneficial partnership between ARTS and the public cannot be achieved that would ensure effective transportation planning in the region.

Your Input is Valued so Get Involved!

ARTS encourages as many residents as possible to get involved in the Transportation Vision 2040 - Long Range Transportation Plan (LRTP). Here’s how you can become a part of this exciting activity:
  • Invite ARTS staff to your neighborhood association meeting, civic function, church or other event for us to talk about the LRTP and hear your concerns or opinions
  • Visit and post a comment on the ARTS website /680/Transportation-Planning-ARTS
  • Participate in online surveys by sharing your opinions and concerns
  • Personally call or visit ARTS offices in Augusta GA
  • Attend one of the many public meetings scheduled to take place at venues throughout the ARTS region during March and July 2015.