CityWorks Implementation

The Augusta Utilities Department (AUD) was the original City of Augusta department to implement an asset management and work order software package, selecting a software tool in 1999 and implementing department-wide that same year. The concept of the Asset Management and Work Order Software is that the extensive infrastructure that is maintained by AUD requires proactive and intelligent maintenance. A computerized system can simplify and automate these tasks in order to ensure that the necessary maintenance take place at the appropriate time.

AUD is responsible for managing all the infrastructure for a consolidated city & county, as well as the United States Army’s Fort Gordon, encompassing approximately three hundred and thirty (330) square miles.

With the above facts in mind, the need for this project is three-fold:
  1. Implement a work order and asset management system for assets in the field such as water and sewer lines, manholes, valves, meters, etc.
  2. Implement a solution that will permit AUD to manage the assets within the water treatment facilities.
  3. Improve efficiency and productivity by establishing a culture of performance and accountability.