About the Procurement Department

Mission Statement

To provide quality service through effective teamwork and communication with City agencies and vendors alike, in order to fulfill the purchasing needs of the City of Augusta in a professional, responsive, and timely manner and in accordance with City statutes.

Primary Responsibilities

The Department must work with hundreds of individuals within the City and with thousands of vendors in supplying the City's needs as economically and efficiently as possible.

The Department also administers the sale and auctioning of City surplus property, impounded vehicles, City fleet, and unclaimed confiscated goods through public auctions.

Additional Responsibilities

The Procurement Department also:
  • Administers acquisition of goods and services for all departments and divisions of the Augusta-Richmond County Commission
  • Develops bid specifications jointly with City departments
  • Obtains bids through advertising and direct solicitation
  • Establishes and monitors price agreement contracts
  • Issues purchase orders