Civil and Domestic eFiling

Richmond County Superior Court will accept electronically filed documents in general civil and domestic relations cases.

As the Richmond County Superior Court Clerk, I am a member of the Council of Superior Court Clerks of Georgia. The Clerks’ Council has partnered with GreenCourt Legal Technologies to create PeachCourt as the most convenient way to e-File court documents in Georgia.

To get started, visit and register for your PeachCourt account.

Please keep the following in mind:
  • e-filing is now Mandatory in Superior and State Court of Richmond County.
  • Filing fees and costs are processed electronically through PeachCourt at the time of filing.
  • PeachCourt uses email to provide you with alerts related to your filings.

Our mission is to provide every citizen with the greatest possible access to the justice system.

Frequently Asked Questions