Master Roads & Addressing Database

Project / Concept

In the past, the format and quality of address and road name information varied considerably across different Augusta, Georgia systems and databases. It was nearly impossible to identify all of the activity, such as building permits or police reports, associated with a given address and/or road. The various departments recognized the need for consistent processes and standards that needed to be followed by a sole, dedicated authority. The GIS Division of the Augusta Information Technology Department along with the assistance of the Planning & Development Department is now ensuring that as data reaches the varying departments, correct and consistent information is being delivered. To do so, the division initiated a countywide project for the Master Road and Addressing Database (MRAD) that would:

  • Establish standards and processes
  • Build a spatial database that would become the central location of road names and addresses
  • Identify and correct all current issues that could affect emergency response
  • Facilitate the new standards to any external agencies and/or vendors
  • Continue to promote public health, safety, convenience, and general welfare to present and future inhabitants of Augusta GA with quality data
The GIS Division reviewed federal and local standards from various agencies for roads and addresses. Some of those agencies referenced included the National Emergency Number Association (NENA), the Georgia Spatial Infrastructure Committee, the United States Postal Service (USPS) and others. But for such a project to be a success with adopted standards, critical components of the spatial database (Master Road and Addressing Database (MRAD) had to be built.

The MRAD is conceptually displayed in the chart below. In essence, the MRAD is to be THE AUTHORITATIVE SOURCE for addressing for all city databases that use addresses and/or road names.

MRAD Chart