Children in Need of Services (CHINS)

A complaint alleging a child is a child in need of services may be filed with the Department of Juvenile Justice to address such issues as:
  • Certain behaviors or conditions occurring within a family or school environment indicate that a child is experiencing serious difficulties and is in need of services and corrective action in order to protect such child from the irreversibility of certain choices and to protect the integrity of such child's family.
The Department of Juvenile Justice along with the Court will:
  • Make family members aware of their contributions to their family's problems and to encourage family members to accept the responsibility to participate in any program of care ordered by the court.
  • Provide a child with a program of treatment, care, guidance, counseling, structure, supervision, and rehabilitation that he or she needs to assist him or her in becoming a responsible and productive member of society
  • Ensure the cooperation and coordination of all agencies having responsibility to supply services to any member of a family referred to the court.
For more information on Children in Need of Services, please contact the CHINS Coordinator, Dr. Audrey Armistad, at 706-821-1194.