The Augusta IT Building

Our New Home...

May 2015 marked a significant event for the Augusta Information Technology Department. After years located in multiple, makeshift facilities, the entire department was finally united under one roof. See below as well as the links to the left for information about our new building and our computer center. There are also videos and slides of the construction process and the demolition of the old IT Building.
The Augusta Information Technology Department has been located in multiple locations since the 1990's. The explosion in the growth of technology, which includes the advent of personal computers, Geographic Information System (GIS), open systems, diverse relational database management systems, greater security needs, Microsoft Windows and Server tools, desktop phones, smart phones, laptops, and tablets, has all contributed to the unfortunate need to distribute IT personnel in non-contiguous offices.

In 2014 the Augusta Commission approved the construction of a new Information Technology building which would enable IT to consolidate all of its personnel and functions under one roof. The new building, which is adjacent to the Augusta Municipal Building, has the following characteristics:

  • Two floors with an elevator.
  • Square Footage: 1st floor 9,377, 2nd floor 9,547. The total building is 18,924 square feet.
  • Office space for 40+ IT staff members, enabling all IT employees to be in one location for the first time in 18 years.
  • Computer Center with controlled entry and a raised floor.
  • Warehouse space for computers and other equipment awaiting deployment or disposal.
  • Assembly space for computers to be configured pre-deployment to customer departments.
  • Training Facility / Meeting Room.
  • Two dedicated conference rooms.
  • Garage for installation of equipment in vehicles.
Information Technology staff moved into the new structure in May 2015. The building will be dedicated as part of the overall re-dedication of the Municipal Building (next door) which recently completed a multi-year renovation of its own.

So What Else Is IT Working On?

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