What is ReadSpeaker?

ReadSpeaker is a tool that enables users of Augusta's web site to have the site read to them. The tool, which is a "widget" that fits onto the web page, lets a user listen to a site just by clicking on a button. The button and the settings menu are pictured on the right side of this page.

When the "Listen" button is clicked, the ReadSpeaker player opens and starts reading the content of the page. The text is also highlighted while it is being read, which helps persons with disabilities or young readers to gain a better to understanding of the text on the page.

The viewer also has a level of control over the reading function. They can click on the settings icon (the gear-shaped icon) and see a screen that enables them to modify the reading speed, colors, how the text is highlighted (sentence by sentence or word by word). Likewise, the reader can select text to only listen to certain parts of the page. They can also choose to have the page scroll automatically. All in all, ReadSpeaker provides a new element to Augusta's web site in order to make the functionality of the site available to more citizens.

ReadSpeaker is being added to Augusta website pages all the time. Unfortunately, some content on various pages (such as imagery) cannot be "read" and cannot be relayed audibly to the viewer, but Augusta is constantly seeking ways to improve this capability. If you have a page that you believe needs ReadSpeaker added to it, please let us know by clicking on "Contact Us" at the bottom of the page.

Sample Augusta ReadSpeaker Pages

Board of Elections
Procurement Department
Augusta Commission Minutes and Agendas

Learn more about ReadSpeaker at