Honorary Road Naming

The Honorary Designation Program allows citizens the opportunity to honor people that have made significant contributions to the Augusta-Richmond County community. The program is administered by the GIS Division. Honorary road names will be displayed for a ten (10) year period. The sign will then be turned over to the individual that applied for the naming, unless renewed. Road designations will be determined on a case by case basis. A completed application, a non-refundable application fee of $250 and administrative fees (for sign manufacturing and installation) must be submitted prior to approval.

Naming Criteria

The Honorary request will be presented before the Commission for final approval if all criteria are met:

  • The first criteria relates to the type of impact the honoree may have or had to the community. The honoree should have met or currently meets at least one of the following:
    1. Cultural impact
    2. Historical impact
    3. Humanitarian efforts
    4. Significant lineage
    5. Distinguished career
  • The second criteria relates to the geographical area. The designation shall be confined to the road within the vicinity of the home, business, or location associated with the honoree chosen. If the road already carries an honorary name, which differs from a historical name, no additional honorary name shall be assigned.
  • The third criteria relates to the life of the honoree. If an individual and he/she is still living, the request can only be initiated by an Augusta, GA Commissioner. Naming roads after individuals is only permitted for honorary purposes unless the person holds a state/national significance.

The Process

  • Complete an Honorary Designation Application.No Petition is needed since no addresses are to be changed. Individual letters of support are encouraged and should be included
  • Submit to IT-GIS for review to ensure criteria are met and fee verification
  • If approved & fees received, application is returned to the applicant for a signature from at least one of the Commissioners; both are recommended
*If the requested designation crosses more than 1 commission or super commission district, the applicant should seek signature from the Commissioner for the majority of the road

  • After approval by the Commissioners, application should be returned to IT-GIS in preparation for Committee approval
  • IT-GIS will advertise the honorary designation request at the requested site for public input at the Committee meeting
  • If approved by the Committee, final approval is granted by the Augusta Commission

Upon final Commission approval, IT-GIS will implement the honorary road name designation. Honorary names will be for a ten (10) year period and will be eligible for renewal. All renewals will be handled like new requests with all applicable rules and fees in effect at that time. There will only be one designation per location. Honorary designations will be for the entire road. Signs will only be placed at the point of beginning and point of ending. Additional signs can be purchased.

IT-GIS does not provide staff to assist in planning, public notification or use of Government equipment for dedication ceremonies of honorary roads. Ceremonies can be planned by the requestor by obtaining the necessary permits and scheduling with the Mayor, Commissioners or staff they would like to attend. There will be a limit of ten (10) designations per calendar year.

For questions regarding the application process or fees, please contact the GIS Department at 706-821-4239 or GIS Addressing Email.