Road Naming By Petition

Property owners/tenants or entities may wish to designate a new road name or change a road’s name in Augusta, GA. Along with meeting the criteria as outlined in City Code Article 2 Section 8-5-17, the Road Naming process involves a petition (signed by at least 66% of all landowners/tenants adjoining the subject road), an application fee and approval from the Augusta Commission. All planned roads and private easements/roads providing access to two or more properties must be named. All road names must conform to the Augusta, GA Road and Addressing Ordinance. Such requests may only be initiated by:

  1. A member of the Augusta Commission; or
  2. An officer or authorized representative of another government agency or department; or
  3. An individual that shall serve as a representative of a group, agency, or business of the properties adjoining the road

GIS and any Augusta, GA department may request road naming for health, safety and welfare reasons. The most common reason for this is when a duplicate or similarly spelled or pronounced road name is already in use in Richmond County. This can cause serious confusion for 911 call takers and emergency responders when two or more road names exist on opposite sides of town and the person needing help is unable to speak or clarify which location they are at. These requests are not subject to these guidelines and shall be changed in accordance to Article 2 Section 8-5-22.

Please click here to reference our Road Renaming General Guidelines

Please click here for the Road Renaming Request Application

The following is required for all road name changes:

A Request for Road Naming application, which includes a completed petition of those that agree or disagree with the proposal to be presented before the Augusta Commission. Please click here to download the petition. Completed petitions can be made via hand delivery, fax or electronically to the GIS office via email to [email protected].

An letter size (8.5x11) map showing the extents of the road name being proposed and the affected properties highlighted

Any applicant fees:

A non-refundable application fee of $250 payable at time of submission to Augusta GIS for public notification, research and processing. Such fee is waived if initiated by those listed in I or II above or any Augusta department

If GIS must produce the map, the associated costs as outline in the schedule of fees. Such fee is waived if initiated by those listed in I or II above or any Augusta department.

Administrative fees for sign manufacturing, installation and reassignment of addresses. Fees may be refunded if rejected by the Emergency Services departments or not approved by the Commission.

Road Sign Fees
Commission Application Cost
Honorary Signs - $85.00
Regular Road Signs - $60.00
Back Lit Road Signs - $2,500.00

Developer Application Cost
Honorary Signs - $160.00
Regular Road Signs - $135.00
Back Lit Road Signs - $2,650.00

Public Hearings and the Augusta Commission

Once the minimal number of adjoining property owners/tenants of the subject road have signed the petition, the internal research and processing may begin. Part of the processing shall involve getting approval from the Augusta departments that are directly related to emergency services; the Richmond County Sheriff’s office, the Augusta Fire Department,the Augusta 9-1-1 Emergency Services Department and Traffic Engineering. If any two of these do not approve of the change, the request shall be closed without a public hearing and will not be brought before the Commission.

With approvals from the Augusta departments related to emergency services and meeting all other requirements, the road name change will proceed as follows:

If the road name change request has 90% of the property owners/tenants respond to the petition in agreement, there will be no public hearing. The request will be presented to the Commission for consent of approval/disapproval.

If the road name change request has less that 90% but more than the required 66% of property owners/tenants respond to the petition in agreement, a public hearing will be held prior to approval/disapproval by the Commission.

Items presented before the Augusta Commission will either be approved or rejected. GIS will gather all necessary information for their review.