Road Types

Every road should be assigned a road type. Where a road is continuous (or potentially continuous), the same road type should generally be used along its entire length (for example: "Broad" should not be "Broad Street" in some places and "Broad Avenue" in others). Roads should never use multiple road types as part of the complete road name (for example: "Greene Place Ct").

GIS has approved only the following road types for use in Augusta Richmond County. This list is derived from those permitted by the United States Postal Service. Each road type has been assigned a road class that is suitable for road name based on its functionality.

  • Class 1 Highway, Freeway
  • Class 2 Collector, Major Arterial, Minor Arterial
  • Class 3 Local, Private, Service, Recreation, Resource
Class 1 roads provide mobility so traffic can move from one place to another quickly and safely. Land access is limited and usually allow the longest uninterrupted travel distance. Class 2 roads supplement class 1 roads. They connect urbanized areas at reduced speeds. Class 3 roads give primary access to residences, businesses and other local communities. This class accounts for the majority of roads in a network.
Road Type Abbreviation Road Class
Alley Aly 3
Avenue Ave 2,3
Bend Bnd 3
Boulevard Blvd 2
Bypass Byp 1
Circle Cir 2,3
Court Ct 3
Cove Cv 3
Crossing Xing 3
Drive Dr 2,3
Expressway Expy 1,2
Freeway Fwy 1
Glen Gln 3
Grove Grv 3
Highway Hwy 1,2
Landing Lndg 3
Lane Ln 3
Loop Loop 3
Parkway Pkwy 1,2
Pass Pass 3
Place Pl 3
Plaza Plz 3
Point Pt 3
Road Rd 2,3
Row Row 3
Run Run 3
Square Sq 3
Street St 2,3
Terrace Ter 3
Trace Trce 3
Trail Trl 3
Way Way 2,3