IT-GIS is responsible for the assignment/approval of streets and addresses in Augusta-Richmond County, as well as the correction of addresses that do not meet the Augusta GA addressing standards. These standards were developed to facilitate emergency response as well as enhance the delivery of mail by the United States Postal Service.
What is an address???
An address is a method used to describe a physical location and is used by law enforcement, fire and ambulance personnel to provide emergency services, and by the United States Postal Service for the delivery of mail.

Why is an address so important?
Because “Every Second Counts in Emergency Response!”

Many people, including those in public safety, view enhanced 9-1-1 as a great emergency response tool; however, without accurate and consistent address information it cannot always be counted on to help speed-up emergency response. Of the total parts that comprise the enhanced 9-1-1, addressing can be considered one of the most vital. Developing, maintaining and enforcing addressing standards is in the best interest of public health, safety and the general welfare of the citizens of Augusta GA. Additionally, addressing helps define educational and political districts and affects the quality of services available to citizens. A logical and consistent addressing system can improve the quality of life in a community.