Road names shall be used to identify all public and private roads constructed within Augusta Richmond County. GIS shall approve the use of all proposed road names within Augusta, GA prior to submission of any development plan.

All names should adhere to the standards as outline below and found in the Code of Ordinances.

Road Name Components

A complete road name (full name) is composed of multiple parts, as listed below. To avoid duplication, it is recommended that each part be unique and follow the guidelines for approval. Changing road types (i.e. Cherry Rd or Cherry Dr or Cherry Ave) does alter the full name of the road, but does not change the name. In such cases, a maximum of 3 full names will be allowed that share any part of the road's name as long as each road is connected and road ranges are unique.

Full Road Name Parts
Valid Values
Directional Prefix
Cardinal directions (if used)
N, S, E & W
Name approved for use
Any valid road name
Road Type
Road types approved for use
Directional Suffix
Ordinal directions (if used)
NE, NW, SE, & SW

Road Name Standards

  • Names must not duplicate, in wording, sound, or pronunciation of an existing road within Augusta Richmond County regardless of distance between occurrences or in address ranges/block numbers.
  • Roads must be easy to pronounce and easily recognizable in emergency situations
  • Names may not contain abbreviations or words, proper names or initials
  • Numerical references are prohibited, such as Fifth and Ten, that do not already exist
  • Names of individuals will only be permitted for individuals that hold a state or national significance. If not, they will only be designated for honorary purposes and not require readdressing
  • Full road names should be no less than 3 characters but no more than 18 characters in length; this does not include the road type
  • Single alphabetical characters are prohibited
  • No new road shall include the words 'old' or 'new' as part of the full name
  • Special characters in road names will not be permitted; periods, dashes, apostrophes, hyphens, etc.
  • Names that may be offensive (slang, words with double-meanings) will not be allowed
  • In two word road names beginning with a single word that can be abbreviated such as 'Mount' or 'Saint', the word shall always be spelled out followed by the remainder of the road name.
  • Use of numerical road names in combination with a standard name will not be permitted
  • Directional prefixes and suffixes will only be used when necessary. If used, cardinal (North, South, East & West) directions will only be used as prefixes to indicated where the road falls in accordance to established Augusta baselines. Ordinal (Northwest, Northeast, Southwest, Southeast) directions will only be used as suffixes.
  • Directions as a single word or combined with another word will not be permitted (i.e. South Rd or Southlake Dr)
  • Only recognized road types will be permitted for use in Augusta Richmond County
  • Names should be continuous throughout its entire length when feasible, including through intersections