GIS in Augusta

Division Background

The Augusta IT-GIS Division is located on the second floor of the Information Technology Building at 535 Telfair Street Bldg 2000 in downtown Augusta. 

Staff members:
  • Evelyn Chanti, GISP: GIS Manager
  • Vacant: GIS Analyst
  • Vacant: GIS Analyst-Addressing
  • Alex Ferrand: GIS Specialist

Duties and Responsibilities

The IT-GIS Division has many tasks and responsibilities including:
  • Technical Support and Training for GIS Clients: ArcGIS, AGOL, Pictometry, CityWorks, etc.
  • Designing and maintaining Augusta's Enterprise Geodatabase and data layers
  • Providing Mobile Mapping applications for the public
  • Supporting Business System Integrations
  • Implementing Asset Management Data Collection
  • Maintaining ArcGIS Online Organization (internal and external portals)
  • Managing and Assigning Addresses through the Master Address Program
  • Creating and printing maps / geographical reports / data for public citizens and companies (for a charge)