Transportation Investment Act of 2010 (TIA)

The Transportation Investment Act of 2010 (TIA), known unofficially as TSPLOST, provides a legal mechanism in which regions throughout Georgia have the ability to impose a 1% sales tax to fund transportation improvements within their region.

Augusta lies within the Central Savannah River Area Transportation Region, which is composed of Richmond, Burke, Columbia, Glascock, Hancock, Jefferson, Jenkins, Lincoln, McDuffie, Warren, Washington, and Wilkes Counties.

Voters approved the TIA in 2012. As a result of the vote, numerous transportation projects are planned for the Augusta area. This site can be your resource for information about the TIA and the ongoing progress of these projects. Check here for project descriptions, status information, and photos and other media related to the TIA.


Collection of TIA funds began on January 1, 2013. Funds are collected by the Georgia Department of Revenue (DoR). DoR will collect and enforce the special district transportation sales and use tax for the use and benefit of the Special District imposing the special district transportation sales and use tax. Georgia State Financing and Investment Commission (GSFIC) will disburse the proceeds of the special district transportation sales and use tax as soon as practicable after collection. GSFIC will transfer the 25% distributions for the local government allocations monthly. Funds for building projects were first distributed in early Spring 2013
(Source: Georgia DOT TIA Page at

Project List

Click here to see the complete list of project pages for projects taking place in Richmond County!


Click here to review a dashboard related to project status and budget. This dashboard will evolve and grow over time as more projects move through various phases. The source for the majority of this information is Georgia DOT.

Project Photographs

The slideshow below shows various locations in Augusta that are slated for work as part of the TIA project. There is not a photo for each TIA project, but some notable locations and bridges are found in the pictures: Browse through them and see if these are any areas that you know! Full details for each project are available in the Project List. Additionally, project status information will be made available via the Augusta Performance Dashboard.

TIA Project Aerial Photographs

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