On Site Recycling was available during the Earth Day Event

  • ESG (Cooking Oil)
  • Goodwill (Clothing Drop Off)
  • Tires, Batteries, Electronics, Paper and other Recyclables - Glass must be separated by color.
  • Used Cell Phones - GRU Green Team

The Results

The Earth Day Event resulted in the collection of 4.29 tons of tires, 2.15 tons of electronics, and about 700 pounds of recycling (aluminum cans, plastic bottles, etc.). The recycling came both from the event itself (which was a goal of the event!) and what was dropped off at the recycling station.

To find out more about Recycling in Augusta, please go to the Augusta Solid Waste web site.

To read more about the Big Belly Solar-Powered Trash Compactors (pictured below), click here!

Big Belly Solar Compactors - small