Fence & Corner Lot Requirements

Fence Requirements

In residential zones, a fence, latticework screen, or wall in a required side or rear yard shall not exceed six feet in height. A fence, latticework screen, or wall located in a required front yard (this includes side yards that face a street) shall be limited to four feet in height.

Corner Lot Requirements

If your property is on a corner lot it must meet the following intersection visibility and corner setback:

No construction, fence, hedge bushes, or other obstruction to a clear view which extends over three feet in height shall be permitted at any corner of intersecting streets where either or both of the streets are less than 60 feet in width within the area formed by the legs of a triangle whose apex is a point of intersection of the centerline of the traveled roadways and the legs of which are 60 feet in length along the centerlines and the hypotenuse of which is the line connecting the end of said legs.

View Corner Lot Requirement Diagram.