2013 Web Page Redesign

Augusta contracted with CivicPlus in 2008 in order to secure hosting and design services related to the City of Augusta web site at www.augustaga.gov. Even though the appearance of the site changed cosmetically since the initial implementation with CivicPlus in 2009, there was no major redesign until 2013. It is a stated internal goal of IT to see that the site is redesigned and refreshed every 3-4 years. The new-and-improved site became operational on December 16, 2013!

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The Augusta web site features over 1,000 individual pages related to city departments, facilities, and programs. As a means by which many citizens (and other parties around the world) get information about Augusta, the city’s web site must continue to progress in order to reflect changes in technology that have made web pages more dynamic, more mobile-accessible, and more social media-friendly as well. We hope that you enjoy our site!

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