Vehicle Oversight Program


The Vehicle Oversight Program has numerous purposes:
  • Provides management a tool to better utilize available resources.
  • Provides management a tool to monitor employee productivity.
  • Enhances the risk reduction program.
  • Reinforces current vehicle utilization policy.
  • Increases safety awareness.


This program is applicable to departments and agencies subordinate to the Augusta Commission. Vehicles assigned to Constitutional Officers or Elected Officials are not subject to this program at this time.

Administrator - Overall responsible for the overall supervision of the monitoring program.

Finance Risk Management
- Provides for program implementation, information briefings to respective departments and provides primary centralized monitoring of vehicles. Coordinates funding for program support, continuity and sustainment.

Fleet Management
- Assists Risk Management with program implementation and coordination. Provides secondary centralized monitoring of vehicles. Responsible for coordinating the installation of systems on vehicles as directed.

- Provides departmental monitoring and operational supervision. All employees will be required to sign a form that acknowledges they understand GPS devices will be used in vehicles/equipment owned by the Augusta Commission and they are aware of potential consequences when abuse is discovered.

Initial Funding: provided by Risk Management and will include the purchase of system hardware, activation and monthly/annual fees.
Sustainment Funding: provided by Risk Management for the monthly service fees and included in the allocation process.