Road Name Approvals

All proposed roads and private easements/driveways providing access to two or more properties must be named. All road names must conform to the Augusta Roads and Addressing Ordinance. To request road name approval:

  • ​Download a form for hand delivery, mail or faxing to IT-GIS or;
  • For online submission, please complete here
When selecting names, attention to Augusta standards including road types should be followed. It is important to utilize road names exactly as approved, remember spelling, suffixes, and whether names are 1 or 2 words. Consistency is the key throughout the entire process. During the development review process, staff may need to contact you. Please provide a contact phone number and/or e-mail address. A copy of the approved application will be returned to you indicating the names accepted. Please allow two weeks for approval.

Names can be reserved for two years; they will be removed from the master road name file after two years unless a final plat has been filed by the developer or an extension request has been made in writing. Approved road names must be placed on all development plans (whether subdivision or site plans) prior to final plan approval. Only plans reflecting acceptable road names placed on the particular roads they represent will receive final approval. Rarely will all names be approved. For that reason, it is suggested that you submit twice as many names as there are planned roads.

To check if your proposed road name already exists, you can perform a search on Augusta Maps.  For instructions on how to perform that search, visit Augusta Maps Help.  This search currently does not included reserved names.  Please contact GIS Addressing for additional confirmation.