Address Assignment

General Guidelines

When construction of any new building or development is proposed, a separate application needs to be made to GIS so that new address(es) can be established. The Addressing Coordinator assigns new addresses that will adhere to City Code found commencing at Article 2, Section 8-5-11 and will be consistent with existing adjacent addresses. It is recommended that the request for new addresses be made concurrent with, or as soon as possible after, plans are submitted for approval to Augusta Planning & Development. Once addresses are assigned and all required documents have been submitted and approved by GIS and Planning & Development, an addressing notice is prepared that is distributed to various Augusta departments as well as many outside utility service providers. Please plan for at least 5 business days for address assignment services.

The following information is required for all address requests:

  • A completed Request for Address Assignment
For online submission, please complete here.
  • One reduced-scale copy (Letter or Legal size) of an approved plat or site plan showing property lines
  • For requests that will consist of more than 5 verifications/changes, one digital file (DWG or PDF) of the approved plat, site plan, or building layout

For Verification/Change of Existing Addresses

If you wish to verify/change an existing address and you have the tax parcel number, complete a Request forAddress Verification/Change form and submit to the GIS office. Information can be found here.

Any questions, please contact: GIS Addressing Email or 706-821-2514.

All pending addresses are preliminary and are subject to change and may not be advertised. New address assignment may not occur until the final plat is recorded and/or all other requirements are met by other departments (Planning & Development, Utilities, Engineering, etc.) for approval. Commercial projects with multiple buildings or tenants must provide a floor plan for building and suite/unit/apartment number assignment. If the plat/site plan or floor plan is amended in any way after plan approval, you must resubmit for address review. An accurate address database is the foundation for emergency management and disaster preparedness. As addressing inconsistences arise, Augusta IT-GIS will strive to correct them in the best interests of the health, safety and welfare of the present and future inhabitants of Augusta, Georgia.