Roads and Addressing

Authority for road naming and addressing transferred from the Augusta Planning & Development Department to the Information Technology GIS Division. This page and its subsequent pages are policies and procedures that have been implemented to become more compliant with industry standards for emergency purposes and adhere to those of USPS for delivery purposes.

To view the Roads and Addressing Ordinance, click here.

Master Road and Address Database


Addressing Assignment and Posting


Road Name Standards and Signage

The GIS Division of the Augusta Richmond County IT Department is responsible for the assignment and approval of roads and addresses in Richmond County as well as the correction of addresses and road names that do not comply with the standards of Augusta Richmond County. These standards were developed to:

  • Improve the response time of fire, police, ambulance vehicles and other emergency services;
  • Expedite postal and general delivery services and;
  • Enhance the ability to locate a business and/or residence based on their address
Per the County Code of Ordinances, an address assigned or road name approved by the GIS Division is the official address/road name of record. The article also establishes that the GIS Division interprets, administers, and enforces the addressing of Richmond County, including issuance of violations to ensure compliance.

Self-addressing is not permitted in Augusta Richmond County. Failure to comply or accepting addresses assigned by other agencies who have not received addresses from the GIS Division may be subject to change. Financial and/or legal impacts of address changes are the sole responsibility of the developer, engineer, architect, business or owner.

Please note that Augusta GA IT-GIS is only responsible to maintaining Road and Addresses within the county’s database. Third party vendors like Google, Amazon, GPS Corporations, Bank and Credit Card Companies, Retail and Entertainment websites, and other external companies manage their own addressing database, and we are not able to update these systems.

You may send Google feedback to report errors on Google Maps. Please click here to read more on how you can send them feedback.

If you require an address verification letter from the City of Augusta to assist in representing your valid address, please click here