The primary function is to coordinate the Department's activities which include Financial Administration, Accounting, Budgeting, Fleet Management, and Risk Management and serves as quality controller of external departmental comprehensive reports. The division also assists external auditors, and formulates policies for financial operating efficiency in other City departments.


The primary responsibility of the Accounting Division is to ensure that adequate funds are maintained for all disbursements of the City in both payroll and accounts payable areas. The Division is also responsible for the processing of all transactions through the Integrated Financial Management System (IFAS) and the distribution of management and departmental reports which are generated by the system.

Risk Management Division

Risk Management supervises programs in the areas of employee safety, loss prevention, property, casualty, and other self-insurance programs. The Division minimizes dollar losses through planning, organizing, directing, and controlling the resources and activities in the City. Risk Management also provides investigative services on claims arising out of automobile liability, general liability, and police professional liability and monitors Workers' Compensation and related legal expenditures being handled by a third party administrator.


This division accounts for and monitors all revenues received by the City. The division assures sufficiency of working capital by making funds available when needed and maximizes return on capital through the administration of a prudent investment program.

Financial Services & Budget Division

The Financial Services and Budget Division is primarily responsible for coordinating the preparation of the City's budget and review processes, and monitoring budget expenditures. The Division also performs research and cost-benefit analysis of proposed City projects. The financial services and financial areas are primarily responsible for financial accounting and reporting.