Municipal Building Renovation

The Municipal Building Renovations and Modernization Project is an ambitious initiative that will change the face of the 60-year old Municipal Building. The project includes the new Linda Beazley Community Room, named for the former Executive Director of the Richmond County Board of Elections. The "Beazley Room" features an A/V system for community meetings and events, but its primary role is to serve as a facility for advance voting and poll worker training. The new elevator tower features open lobbies with windows (as opposed to no entry area in the past). This addition, which faces Telfair Street, has also been established as the new main entrance for the building. The renovations to the existing building include a total renovation of all nine floors (approx. 125,946 square feet). The scope of the project was modified to include a new Information Technology Building and renovations to the Engineering buildings located adjacent to the Municipal Building.

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