Traffic Statistics For Georgia

Each month nearly 3,500 people are critically injured in speed-related crashes in Georgia. Speed-related crashes cost society an estimated $877 per second.

Speed is the most frequently cited contributing circumstance in fatal motor crashes in Georgia. The number of times speed was observed as a contributing factor in motor vehicle crashes resulting in injury increased 8.9% from 1990 to 1995 (Data Source: Governor's Office of Highway Safety).

Please slow down, observe the speed limit, and drive defensively. Arrive Alive!

View traffic statistics and safety for Augusta and Richmond County.

Defensive Driving Collision Prevention Formula

  • Scan the road ahead
  • In the city, practice short visual scanning about one block ahead or to the next intersection
  • In rural areas and on expressways, practice longer visual scanning by looking to the next hill, curve, or exit / entrance ramp
  • Check the traffic behind by looking at the inside rear-view and outside mirrors every five seconds
  • You can make a difference - choose to drive defensively

Give Us A Call

If you see traffic signs, especially stop signs that have been knocked down or vandalized, or traffic signals that are operating improperly, please call and tell us the location as soon as possible at (706) 821-1841 or (706) 821-1850. We depend on reports from the citizens to help keep the streets and roads of Augusta and Richmond County safe for the motoring public.