Street Lighting

Program General Information

To have street lights installed on streets in the unincorporated area of Richmond County, a petition must be signed by the property owners of more than fifty percent (50%) of the total front footage and not for total residents. Also, note that this petition and information is for Augusta, GA owned public streets. The petition must be signed by the actual property owner according to the Tax Assessor’s office records. Persons renting cannot sign. All property, whether developed or undeveloped, will be included in the total footage and will be charged. All property owners should be shown this petition whether they sign or not so that they are aware of its existence.

The type lights usually installed on two (2) lane streets are 100 (8,550 Lumen light output) and 150 watts (14,000 Lumen Light output) Sodium Vapor Street Light Luminaries with automatic photoelectric controls that turn the lights on at dusk and off at dawn. The lights are installed on attractive specially processed wooden poles. Actual placement of the lights is determined by personnel of this office; working with representatives of the Power Company. Spacing may vary widely due to pole placement, topography or straightness of roadways. However, proper street illumination is always maintained within limits recommended by American Standard Practice for Roadway Lighting. The lights are usually installed within four to eight weeks after approval by the Commission.

Approval & Installation Process

A petition is checked by this office, advertised for Public Hearing and presented to the Commission for approval. About one (1) month from our receipt of the completed petition is required. The County will assess the residents of each district on the basis of front footage owned. The annual assessment will be included with the regular county taxes and will be paid in the same manner at the Tax Commissioner’s Office. Lights installed in the first six months of the calendar year will be assessed for the whole year. Lights installed in the last six months will be charged for half a year.

On corner lots where the front and side streets are lighted the service charge assessed will be based on the total front footage; or the average of the front and the side plus all side footage over 200 Ft. whichever is greater. On corner lots where only one street is lighted the assessment will be based on the side which is lighted.

The annual service charge for street lighting areas with overhead power lines is thirty-three ($.33) cents per assessed foot per year. There is no installation charge. The assessment is subject to revision; should the Georgia Public Service Commission grant a rate increase to Georgia Power Company.

Private lights lighting the roadway will be removed. Customers will pay only to the day their light has to be removed. Advanced payment will be refunded.

Further information may be obtained by calling this office at (706) 821-1850.

To report street light outages, click here or call 1-888-660-5890.