Augusta's Mission and Vision

Augusta's Mission

The mission of Augusta, Georgia, is to provide to all its citizens cost-effective, high-quality government services and an environment which enhances the economic well-being and quality of life in the Augusta Metropolitan Area. 

Commission Vision

  • Develop a team-centered approach to problem-solving emphasizing effective communications with citizens and among elected officials, as well as establishing continuity of purpose and action for the commission.
  • Establish a focus that is city-wide, focusing on the “whole” of Augusta being more than the sum of its individual parts, neighborhoods, or districts.
  • Create an environment of respect and trust between commissioners, staff, and the citizens.
  • Seek ways to reach out and spread the word regarding the “good news” about Augusta.

Operations Vision

  • Create a culture of Performance Management that focuses on assessment and improvement, driven by standards and accountability, and using technology as a critical and essential tool to enhance processes.
  • Develop a strategic plan featuring goals that are designed to drive Augusta forward by making the most of business assets, historical heritage, natural resources and local commitment and talent.
  • Build budgets that seek new sources of revenue while rewarding excellence and creativity, encouraging fiscal responsibility, and seeking new sources of revenue to mitigate budget challenges in difficult times.
  • Establish a citywide culture of customer service at all levels of local government, so that every employee and official considers customer service to be their highest responsibility.

Community Vision

  • Seek means for Augusta to be nationally-recognized as a global destination of excellence and known as the premier and most talked-about mid-sized city in the country.
  • Build our community and tax base by emphasizing economic development and livable, sustainable communities that can grow while protecting our valuable natural resources.
  • Focus on “One Augusta” that celebrates our geographic, socio-economic, and racial diversity as strengths, using them as leverage to build partnerships that will make Augusta a place for people of all backgrounds to live, work, play, and prosper.