Augusta Performance Dashboard

Augusta DashboardAugusta, Georgia has implemented "dashboard" capability that can be utilized to show important workload and performance measurement information that may be of interest to citizens, elected officials, and employees. The term dashboard is used because the web page offers a way for the viewer to gain access to a great deal of information at a glance, like the dashboard of a car provides information about the vehicle status with a quick look. This method of viewing information is very different from traditional reports that features rows and columns of letters and numbers, because the visual element is more attractive and vividly demonstrates the old saying that "a picture is worth a thousand words".

The dashboard is a useful tool for all city departments because it can be used to check many types of values, such as budget expenditures, work requests and work orders created per month, etc. without requiring inquiries to departments directly – the data is taken directly from databases and provided to the user. This leverages the investment that Augusta has already made in business software and databases.

You can click on the link below to view the various dashboards that have been built for Augusta. The information that will be made available over the dashboard will be increased and improved over time and as public requests are considered.

To view Augusta's Performance Dashboard Technology, click here or on the images below.