Conservatorships of Adult Wards

The Petitioner has been appointed by the Court as Conservator of all of the Wards’ property, real and personal. The Conservator (guardian of the property) has the duty to exercise ordinary diligence in dealing with the Ward’s property and may be held liable for any loss resulting from a lack of such diligence.


A) An Inventory Asset Management Plan is due within the first 60 days after your appointment. This is a budget on how much money the ward has, how much income is coming in, and how much debt there is (house loans, cars loans, credit card debt etc.). The Court will need a budget as to what you need monthly to support the ward. If there is an increase in the cost of care for the Ward, a new Inventory Asset Management Plan may be resubmitted. The Initial Filing Fee for this petition must be paid upon filing the petition. There may be additional charges.

B) Personal Status Reports has to be file to the Court within the first sixty (60) days from the appointment date. This report tells the Court how the Ward is doing medically and emotionally, and if the Conservatorship should continue. This report is due yearly on the anniversary date of your appointment. There is no charge for this report.

C) An Inventory is required within the first sixty (60) days of your appointment. You must also file every year thereafter and it is due on the on anniversary date of your appointment. This is a list of the Wards Assets such as (house, jewelry, furnishings, cars, boats etc.) and how much the assets are worth. Some Conservators use an appraiser to determine the value of the estate. This is a one page report and there is no charge.

D) Annual Returns are due 60 days from your anniversary date of your appointment. You must also file an Annual Return every year thereafter during the duration of the Conservatorship. These reports require complete and accurate itemized records of all monies coming in and all expenditures on behalf of the Ward. You must save all receipts and proof of expenditures. These reports must be filed when due or you may not be entitled to commission. You must pay the Initial Filing Fees upon filing the Annual Return.

Court Process

The documents above must be filed and any filing fees applicable must be paid upon filing. If everything in the documents look complete and accurate, they are submitted for approval by the Judge.

You will find all of these reports in the package given to you at the Hearing or pick up more at the Court. If a Bond is required you can get these from local insurance companies. They are a type of insurance to protect the Wards assets and a yearly fee is paid to the Bonding Company.