Fire Department

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Mission Statement

To provide the citizens within our community professional and efficient emergency services by protecting the lives, property, and environment that we are sworn to serve.

Achievements & Facts

One of only 84 fire departments in the nation to achieve a #1 ISO rating

Responsible for the safety of an estimated 400,000 citizens and visitors in Richmond County each day.

Respond to more than 20,000 calls annually from 19 fire stations.

Fleet includes a state of the art Mobile Emergency Operations Command Unit, 25 fire engines, and three ambulances.

Founded as a career fire department in Decemeber 1886. Began offering Emergency Medical Services in 1998. All first responders are Georgia-certified firefighters & hold at least an EMT-Basic certification. Special Operations Teams include: Water Rescue, Haz-Mat, Georiga Search & Rescue, Dive Team, Emergency Medical Services, and High-Angle Rescue.