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The 2035 Long Range Transportation Plan (LRTP) has been recently completed for the counties within the Augusta Regional Transportation Study (ARTS) Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) boundary. These counties include Richmond County, portions of Columbia County and portions of Aiken and Edgefield County in South Carolina. Covering a twenty-five year span, the 2035 Long Range Transportation Plan is a federally mandated planning document that provides a framework for identifying multi-modal transportation projects that will be needed within the ARTS area. The 2035 LRTP is required to be financially constrained, which means reasonable sources of income must be identified for each project. Transportation projects included in the LRTP are identified through a vigorous public participation process, compilation and scrutiny of socioeconomic data, and the results of transportation models that are generated by the Georgia Department of Transportation.

The final 2035 Long Range Transportation Plan was submitted by consultants Wilbur Smith Associates from Columbia, South Carolina. In addition to the primary document, there are several supporting documents available for public review. These include the following: The Public Participation Plan, which outlines the public participation process that was used to generate the 2035 Long Range Transportation Plan. The Transportation Network Model results, which includes maps and the input criteria used by the Georgia Department of Transportation to generate the models. The Project Sheets, which provides individual descriptions and maps for each project identified through the 2035 Long Range Transportation Process.

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