Tax Allocation District, Enterprise Zones and Opportunity Zones

Augusta offers various types of incentives to encourage revitalization of distressed communities under provisions of the Official Code of Georgia and the Rules of the Georgia Department of Community Affairs. These incentives are available for businesses that are located within the Tax Allocation District, (O.C.G.A. 36-44-8), Enterprise Zones (O.C.G.A. 36-88) and Opportunity Zones (D.C.A. rules 110-24-1).

Tax Allocation District (TAD) – Augusta’s Tax Allocation District (TAD) was adopted on May 5, 2009 pursuant to voter approval in November 2006. Beginning in 2009 incremental tax revenue collected in the district has gone into a fund to supplement funding by public and private sources for public improvements that spur private redevelopment activity. Tax exempt bonds may be issued to pay for infrastructure and other eligible redevelopment costs in partnership with private developers. This investment will generate new jobs and new sales tax revenue and it will provide a positive mix of new and redeveloped living, office, shopping, public use and recreational facilities on properties within the TAD that are currently undeveloped.

Tax Allocation Districts are Georgia’s version of tax increment financing, which allows a local government to capture tax revenues attributable to increases in property values within a prescribed development area and use those revenues for neighborhood improvement projects. Augusta currently has three TADs. To view a map of these districts please click here. To view more detailed information regarding TAD please click here to go to the Georgia Department of Community Affairs web site. If you have questions regarding Augusta TAD please call Tim Schroer at the Augusta Richmond County Finance Department 706-821-1741.

Enterprise Zones (EZ) – Enterprise Zones are designated geographical areas which suffer from disinvestment, underdeveloped, and general economic distress. In an effort to encourage revitalization in these distressed communities, Georgia law permits cities to create districts where ad velorum taxes are abated for up to 10 years and other incentives are provided to private employers who create five or more new jobs. To view maps of our Enterprise Zones currently in existence please click here. To see a list of addresses that are within each of the Enterprise Zones please click here. For more complete information and the program guidelines please click here to visit the Georgia Department of Community affairs website. If you have questions regarding our Enterprise Zones call the Augusta Richmond County Planning Commission at 706-821-1796.

Opportunity Zones (OZ) – Opportunity Zones, similar to Enterprise Zones, are designated geographic areas which suffer from economic distress. In order for an area to be designated as an OZ, under the DCA rules the area first has to be an Enterprise Zone or have an Urban Redevelopment Plan in place pursuant to the DOA website which you can access by clicking here. Our Opportunity Zones are geographically identical to our Enterprise Zones. To see a list of addresses that are within each of the Opportunity Zones see Enterprise Zones in the paragraph above. Businesses that create more than two jobs within these areas qualify for a Georgia Tax Credit of $3500 per job. If you have questions regarding our Opportunity Zones please call the Augusta Richmond County Planning Commission at 706-821-1796.

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