Land Bank Authority

Policy Statement

The Augusta, Georgia Land Bank Authority’s (AGLBA) mission is to collaborate with the City of Augusta-Richmond County on community and economic development projects by providing land to be used in the production of affordable housing for low and moderate income households. The AGLBA is a non-profit corporation organized under the laws of the State of Georgia for the public purpose of returning non-tax generating properties to a productive use. The AGLBA was formed through an inter-local agreement between the City of Augusta and Richmond County. The AGLBA works in conjunction with various city departments to facilitate the construction of affordable housing by non-profit community development organizations and private developers.

Primary Responsiblities of the AGLBA

  • Works with the City of Augusta, Richmond County in the implementation of community and economic development.
  • Acquire and place underutilized parcels in a productive use to generate tax revenue.
  • Enhance the quality of life for residents living in targeted communities.
  • Assists Community Housing Development Organizations (CHDO’s), adjoining property owners and other interested parties in acquiring property.
  • Transfer properties for use in developing affordable housing.

Board Members

Tederell (Chris) Johnson, AGLBA Chairman
Janice Allen Jackson, AGLBA Board Member
Alveno Ross, AGLBA Board Member
Robert Sherman, AGLBA Board Member
Commissioner Ben Hasan, Ex Officio Board Member