Project Planning and Management

Augusta IT has project review project management processes in place to implement the projects that are approved and/or receive funding. This is generally initiated within the IT Department at two times: 1) during the budgeting process and 2) during the initial “discovery” process for a project that has been requested by a customer department. August uses a modified System Development Life Cycle (SDLC) that has been customized to fit most of the projects that we sponsor and includes sections on:
    • Project Definition
    • Business Analysis (including Return On Investment (ROI) and Cost-Benefit Analysis (CBA))
    • Technical Environment Analysis
    • Project Approval Tracking
    • Budget Tracking and Management
    • Implementation Tasks (for multiple project types)
    • Post-Project Review
    • Change Control Definition
    • Ongoing Maintenance and Support Management

    Click here to view the Master Project Management Plan.