Augusta Sustainable Development Agenda "Realizing the Garden City"

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Augusta has recently completed the Augusta/Richmond County Comprehensive Plan. This master plan reviewed multiple aspects of the City, including population trends, housing, economic development, transportation, community services and facilities, cultural resources, natural resources/green space and land use. It proposed organizing the City into sectors, “Character Areas”, based on observable common qualities, issues and features. For each of these it developed a Community Agenda, focusing on recommended development patterns, appropriate land uses and potential amendments to current zoning regulations, districts and overlays. It named key projects and initiatives. This plan was built with extensive public input and was approved by the City in Fall 2008.

This Augusta Sustainable Development Agenda will define new directions and priorities to guide the future growth and development of Augusta. To this end, the Agenda seeks to establish new ways of thinking about the City, its potential and how reach agreed upon goals and objectives. The recently completed 2009 Plan for the Augusta/North Augusta Urban Area has shown city leaders both the benefit and the need for integrated development planning of the rest of Augusta. This is no where more true than in the central and southern parts of the city, where unplanned and inadequately regulated growth threatens developed, built- up areas with decline and abandonment as well as important undeveloped “green field” sites.

From discussions with the commissioners and others, the task at hand now is to expand the work of the Urban Area Plan to the rest of Augusta, from its border with Burke County in the south to the McDuffie and Columbia County boundaries to the west, excluding Fort Gordon. It will build on the work and agreed upon conclusions of the 2008 Comprehensive Plan, with a focus on finding, defining and conceptualizing priority projects and initiatives that respond to opportunities and needs in each “character area’ and city-wide.

Augusta is at an important point in its history. The past 20 years have seen slow but steady progress toward a revitalized city, perhaps the most important single issue being the move in the early 90’s to form a consolidated City-County government. The transition is beginning to show results, with the emergence of a new spirit of cooperation in City government and a realization that all parts of Augusta must be healthy and provide good places to live, work and play in order for this asset-rich city to reach its full potential.

This plan will take more than a year and will be completed in August 2010. It will be inclusive. We look forward to working with you.