Engineering Division

Program Description

The Engineering Division includes Pre-Construction / Construction, County Engineering, Environmental Engineering, and Traffic Engineering. The major duties include, but are not limited to:
  • Management of the Special One Percent Sales Tax Construction Work Program as it pertains to road and drainage design, construction, traffic inspection, and maintenance
  • Management of the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System requirements of the Clean Water Act
  • Approval and inspection of utility permits and private development, as well as providing assistance to other departments
Specific duties include, but are not limited to:

  • Review and recommendations regarding engineering reports and construction contracts and specifications
  • Inspecting county, private, and county-sponsored construction projects
  • Administering construction contracts
  • Designing construction projects such as road improvements, bridge construction, and storm water drainage systems (including contract administration).
This division also provides data and assistance with various projects in litigation, issues permits for construction on public right of way, and reviews private development plans for compliance with ordinances.


  • Engineering Section is Responsible for surveying, in-house design of small roadway and drainage projects, land development plan review and plat review, inspection of land development construction activities, erosion, sedimentation and Pollution Prevention Program enforcement and reporting, area-wide county stormwater NPDES, MS4 Program, SWMP Implementation, enforcement and reporting; driveway permits, supporting other groups, citizen compliance, maintenance of county owned infrastructure (drainage system), Soil Erosion and Sedimentation Control, Site Development Inspection, Public Subdivision Inspection, Review of Site Plans, Right of Way Encroachments.
  • Construction Section is responsible for construction of small infrastructure projects, construction management of one-cent sales project, maintenance of county owned infrastructures (roadway system, storm sewer system, sidewalks), right-of-way encroachment permits.
  • Land Acquisition (Right of Way) Section is responsible for acquiring the necessary rights of way and easements for construction of our roadway projects, as well as our storm drainage projects, funded by the Special Purpose Local Option (1%) Sales Tax Program, and by the Georgia Department of Transportation with State and Federal funding. We also obtain rights of way and easements for the Utilities Department for the installation of sanitary sewers and water mains throughout Augusta-Richmond County. Right of Way responsible for maintaining legal records, deeds and easements, and for providing the general public with information regarding right of way and easement requests.


  • Consolidate NPDES Stormwater Permits
  • Establish Stormwater Management database
  • Consolidate Urban and Suburban File systems and create a database for retrieval
  • Create educational requirements and opportunities for all positions
  • Implement the Special One Percent Sales Tax - Phase V
  • Identify, locate, and map all properties including right of ways, easements, etc. owned by the government and commit to the GIS system
  • Establish land acquisition of all properties through the Land Acquisition Section
  • Provide Engineering and Technical assistance to all other Departments in the government