Adjustments Due to Leaks

If A Leak Occurs

If a leak occurs in a city-maintained line, the city is responsible for repairing the leak and absorbing the cost of the lost water. Maintenance and repair of waterlines on private property is the responsibility of the private landowner. The landowner or customer is also responsible for any water lost due to leaks or breakage of their lines.

Augusta Utilities may adjust the customer's billing when the following conditions exist:
  • The customer had no prior knowledge of the leak
  • The customer promptly notifies Augusta Utilities when made aware of the leak
  • Water usage for that month is considerably more than the average
  • The leak can be verified by Plumber's Certificate
  • Immediate repair occurred
According to Title 5, Chapter 2, Section 50, no reduction shall be made until a certificate from a licensed plumber is received certifying that repairs have been made to water works, plumbing fixtures, or piping upon or leading to the property served by the meter whose reading furnishes the basis of an excessive water bill, and that such repairs have been completed so that leaks no longer exist.

In lieu of a Plumber's Certificate, Augusta Utilities may accept a bill of sale for repair materials together with a notarized statement from the owner that the leak has been repaired.


If the leak can be verified and the customer has complied with the other provisions noted the customer is charged for the average amount of water usage plus one-half of the additional water usage for the period in question.

In no case will an adjustment be made for more than a two-month period or more than two adjustments allowed within one year.