Construction Requirements

Floodplain Development Permit Requirements

Always check with the Augusta Planning & Development Department at (706) 821-1796 before you build or alter your home or business, or if you want to re-grade or place fill on your property. You may need a permit to ensure that your project does not cause problems to other properties located in or near the floodplain.

If you see building construction or a site filling and grading without a permit being posted, contact the License and Inspection Division of Planning & Development (building construction) at (706) 312-5050 or the Engineering Department - Engineering Division (site filling and grading) at (706) 821-1706.

Substantial Improvements Requirement

The National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) requires that if the cost of non-flood related reconstruction, renovation, rehabilitation, or other improvements equals or exceeds 50% of the structure's fair market value, then the structure must be constructed above the minimum Base Flood Elevation (listed on the FIRMs). In Augusta, our Flood Damage Prevention Ordinance requires an additional 3 feet of freeboard (a factor of safety usually expressed in feet above a flood level for purposes of floodplain management) above the Base Flood Elevation.

Substantially flood-damaged structures must also be brought up to this same standard (BFE + 3 feet in Augusta) if the cost of repairs equals or exceeds 50% of the structure’s fair market value before it was damaged.

If you have a flood insurance policy, Increased Cost of Compliance (ICC) is a part of your standard flood insurance policy and provides for up to $300,000 to comply with our community’s floodplain management regulations if your structure is in a Special Flood Hazard Area (a regulated floodplain), is non-compliant with current floodplain management regulations and has been substantially damaged (damage in excess of 50% of the structure’s fair market value before the loss) by flooding.