Augusta Tomorrow, Inc.


To serve the community at large by planning, promoting, and implementing the development of Augusta with particular emphasis on the city center.


As a private corporation with representation from the City of Augusta and the City of North Augusta, the Augusta Tomorrow board identifies development and redevelopment needs particularly in the city center, seeks developers and actively works with the developers and the public sector to implement the projects.


Since 1982, Augusta Tomorrow has developed public private partnerships with the City of Augusta that led to accomplishments such as developing Master Plans for Augusta’s downtown, development of the award-winning Riverwalk, the Augusta Common (the city center’s park), Augusta Riverfront Center (includes the Riverfront Hotel and Convention Center and the Riverfront Office Center), and the St. Sebastian Way road project.

Recent Projects

Augusta Tomorrow, Inc. considers downtown planning crucial to development. In conjunction with the Augusta Master Plans, Augusta Tomorrow, Inc. has printed Master Plan Maps and map updates since the 1990s. The Most recent Master Plan and Master Plan Map are on the Augusta Tomorrow website. Augusta Tomorrow’s interactive website provides developers the ability to zoom-in on a block or a building and see current and proposed development.